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Three Types of Video Poker Licenses Available in Louisiana:

  • A license to operate a maximum of three (3) video poker devices at establishments licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises.
  • A license to operate a maximum of fifty (50) video draw poker devices at a qualified truck stop facility.
  • A license to operate an unlimited number of video draw poker devices at a licensed pari-mutuel wagering facility or an offtrack wagering facility.

Video Poker for Bars and Restaurants:

  • A person who owns a bar, restaurant, or tavern is allowed to have up to three (3) video poker machines at the establishment. If there is more than one bar, restaurant, or tavern located in a single building or structure, then the owner may have up to three (3) machines at each of the bars, restaurants, or tavern but not more than nine (9) in total inside of the building or structure.
  • A person is deemed to own more than one restaurant, bar, tavern, lounge or club within a single building or structure when the person has an ownership interest in each.

Hotels and Motels

  • If a hotel or motel has one lounge or facility with a Class A-General retail permit or Class A-Restaurant permit to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption may have up to three (3) video poker machines at each lounge, not to exceed twelve (12) video poker machines for the hotel or motel, if all other requirements are met.
  • The lounge must be (1) a physically separate, noncontiguous facility; (2) have separate and independent beverage preparation areas; (3) prepare, dispense, and sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption; (4) have a person whose primary duty is tending bar while the lounge is open for business and have a permanents affixed wet bar facility including plumbing and sinks; (5) able to fit a minimum of 25 customers.

Race Tracks

  • A person who owns a Louisiana State Racing Commission licensed pari-mutuel wagering facility or offtrack racing facility may be granted a license to place video poker machines at the facility.
  • There is no limit to the number to the number of video poker machines which can be placed the facility.
  • The number of race tracks or off-track wagering facilities (i.e. off-track betting) which operate video poker is capped at five such facilities in Jefferson Parish.

Truck Stops

  • Truck stops are allowed to have up to 50 video poker machines, but the allowance is based on the amount fuel sold for individual vehicle consumption at the facility. The average monthly fuel sales, which are calculated annually, are as follows:
    • 100,000 gallons of fuel – not more than 50 devices
    • 75,000 gallons of fuel – not more than 40 devices
    • 50,000 gallons of fuel – not more than 35 devices
  • Up to 25 video poker machines may be temporarily placed a truck stop until the allowed level can be calculated after the first three months based upon fuel sales for that period.
  • The area where the video poker machines are located must be separated for adult patronage only.
  • The owner of the truck stop may lease part of his property for the operation of a restaurant, convenience store, fuel facility or other business operation, provided the lease contains a provision that the tenant comply with the laws and regulations which govern the operation of video poker devices.
  • Anyone who plans to construct a truck stop facility where video poker machines may be installed must publish his intent in the journal of record and issue press releases to any newspapers with substantial distribution in that parish.
  • If the property where a truck stop facility is to be relocated must be rezoned, then notice must be given by posting a sign, as required by rezoning requirements, that states that a truck stop may constructed at that location.
  • A truck stop cannot be constructed within one mile (straight-line distance) from a National Register of Historic Places site, school, synagogue, church, public playground, public library, or residential property.

Transfer of Ownership

  • When a licensed establishment is sold, the buyer must apply for a Class “A” license within 15 days and, upon issuance of a state Class “A” license, the new owner must apply for a video poker license within 15 days. The establishment owner must be give the Gaming Division notice within 5 days of a change of ownership.


  • Each applicant for a license or renewal of a license shall provide to the Gaming Division in addition to the application form, a signed sales tax clearance from the secretary of the Department of Revenue, which clearance request shall be processed within seven business days. No license shall be granted to any applicant unless he has submitted proof to the division as required in this Section, that he does not owe the state or local governing authority of the parish or municipality in which the establishment is located any delinquent sales taxes, penalties, or interest, excluding items under formal appeal or protest as provided by law. When an applicant for a license files its application with the division, the applicant shall send notice with a copy of the application to the local governing authority and submit evidence of the notification to the division.


Affidavit Application

  • Prior to the expiration of the license term, a licensee who is licensed for the placement of not more than three video draw poker devices in an approved, qualified establishment shall apply for renewal of the license by completing an affidavit in a form approved by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board that certifies that there have been no changes in the prior qualification and suitability information previously furnished to the board. This affidavit shall be executed by the licensee and each person required to meet qualification and suitability requirements under R.S. 27:427, provided that the licensee or person previously submitted all information required by the board in its initial suitability determination. Notwithstanding the above, the licensee and all persons required to meet suitability shall furnish such releases, affidavits, and documents as may be required by the board. Additionally, the licensee shall furnish with each renewal application all of the following:e your paragraph here.