Attorney Gino Forte


Conveniently located at 401 Whitney Ave, Suite 500, Gretna, Louisiana.  This office building is across from Oakwood Mall and just off the Westbank Expressway.  

  • I have over 10 years of experience in handling insurance claim disputes.  I have represented by the insured (the policy holder) and the insurance carrier on claims involving damage to property from flood, wind, fire, and theft.  
  • ‚ÄčInsurance claims made pursuant to the National Flood Insurance Program have very specific requirements.  Failure to follow the rules and regulations to timely submit your claim and/or file suit can stop you in your tracks.  It is important to use an attorney who has experience in this very specific area of law.  
  • If you own a business that has been damaged by flood, wind, fire, theft, or other disaster, you may have a claim for loss of business income through your policy. It is important to retain an attorney with experience in this field.